Hi, I’m Jingyi!

I’m a computer science Ph.D. student at Stanford.

A picture of me, Jingyi. My hair color has probably changed.

I do research in human-computer interaction. Most of my work focuses on creativity support tools or fabrication. I really like making things, and enabling others to do the same. I am co-advised by Sean Follmer and Maneesh Agrawala. I did my undergrad at UC Berkeley, where I was advised by Björn Hartmann.


A collection of artwork made by our interviewed artists.

What we can learn from visual artists about software development

Jingyi Li, Sonia Hashim, Jennifer Jacobs

A thematic analysis of interviews with 13 professional artists on why and how they choose to use (or not use) software in their work.

Paper (PDF)  /  CHI '21

DDB links visual inspectors in the drawing environment with numerical inspectors in the programming environment.

Supporting visual artists in programming through direct inspection and control of program execution

Jingyi Li, Joel Brandt, Radomír Měch, Maneesh Agrawala, Jennifer Jacobs

Helping manual artists understand and author programs with visual inspectors on their artwork, looping past inputs, and touching artwork to jump program state.

Details  /  Paper (PDF)  /  CHI '20

A user double taps on a tactile sheet and hears our tool speak information about the layout element.

Editing spatial layouts through tactile templates for people with visual impairments

Jingyi Li, Son Kim, Joshua A. Miele, Maneesh Agrawala, Sean Follmer

An interactive, multimodal authoring tool that lets people who are blind or visually impaired understand and edit spatial layout structures.

Details  /  Paper (PDF)  /  CHI '19

A multicolor large drawing fabricated on a CNC plotter.

Direct and immediate drawing with CNC machines

Jingyi Li, Jennifer Jacobs, Michelle Chang, Björn Hartmann

Exploring how to narrow the design-fabrication gap and combine manual art practice with digital fabrication through interactively controlling CNC machines.

Paper (PDF)  /  SCF '17

Two virtual agent avatars; one supposed to be friendly and the other assertive.

Confiding in and listening to virtual agents: the effect of personality

Jingyi Li, Michelle X. Zhou, Huahai Yang, Gloria Mark

A field deployment study on how the personalities of virtual agents affect user trust.

Details  /  Paper (PDF)  /  IUI '17

Two game controllers, one made from clay and stickers and one 3D printed from the scanned clay model.

Makers' Marks: physical markup for designing and fabricating functional objects

Valkyrie Savage, Sean Follmer, Jingyi Li, Björn Hartmann

A fabrication pipeline for creating functional 3D printed objects from clay and stickers.

Details  /  Paper (PDF)  /  UIST '15


These are older non-research related—but still fun!—things.

A small cat like toy glowing blue. He likes you.


A musical friend to help children intrinsicly realize the joys of practicing.

Details  /  2016

A logo for adshirt.


Sell yourself. Make money.

Details  /  2016

Left, a selfie of the author. Right, the anime version of that selfie.


Automatically generating anime portraits.

Details  /  2015

The G-Pee-S logo, a location pin combined with a toilet.


An Android app for gender non-conforming folks and wheelchair users to locate nearby safe restrooms.

Details  /  2015

A pixel art logo for the game featuring a cute character.

Ultimate Star Collector: Winner of the Universe

A coming-of-age platformer made for the 2014 Queerness & Games conference. Click to play!

Details  /  2014


Sometimes—a lot in the past, but not so much now—I draw. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I participate in fandom, and sometimes I even present it academically. I grew up in a Southern Californian suburb which means that I grew up on the internet. I am very passionate about Pokémon.

I was briefly a UI/UX designer at NVIDIA before I was a graduate student. I spent the majority of my Berkeley years living in cooperative student housing, where I contributed four murals to the walls of Cloyne Court.

My hair changes color often! If I'm not lazy about it, click here to see its current shade.