Michael Lee, Jingyi Li, Sarah Sterman, Jeremy Warner

UC Berkeley's Interactive Device Design 2016

Website  /  Software  /  Hardware

A plastic glowing cat face, who believes in you.

Mewsician is a musical friend designed to help children grow an intrinsic appreciation of music and the encourage social aspect of playing music, rather than simply particpating to assuage their parents' demands.

Mewsicians light up when it hears someone practicing music. A young musician can touch Mewsician's ear to start a recording of themselves playing. The Mewsician website allows these musicians to store and review their recordings, as well as share them with friends or teachers. As young musicians practice more, they earn more fish, which they can use to buy accessories to dress up their Mewsician.


A screenshot of the recordings page with a recording being playedback
My Mewsic: Manage and share your recordings
A screenshot of a messaging interface.
My Mewsages: Talk to friends and teachers
A screenshot of a virtual pet area.
My Mewsician: Dress up and take care of your Mewsician